Unity in Diversity Cultural Programs

Every year, the Society organizes a unique program of Indian classical dance and music, folk music and dance, and drama in many Indian languages by professionals and professionally trained artist. 


Facets of India was the theme of this year's program. Over 100 talented people participated in the program and we had two shows attended by over 1,200 people. It was a delightful event. 

Professor Raj Chetty, youngest Professor of Economics in the history of University of California, Berkeley and also of Harvard university at age 28, recipient of many awards and one of eight people chosen by the Economist of London who will revolutionize the study of Economics in the coming years was the Guest of Honor in the first show held at 3.00 pm. 

Professor Martha Longenecker, Founder and Director of world Re-known Mingei International Folk Art Museum and recipient of a high honor from the Emperor of Japan and an Icon in the folk art world was the Guest of Honor in the second show held at 7.00 pm. 

The program was directed by Ramesh Venkatraman and the committee consisted of Hamid Daudani (co-Director), Bipin Junnarkar (Director-Markeing) Neelu Bhardwaj, Suman Nayak, Alka Shah, Shravathi Sathe, Kamla Singh, Anu Rajasekharan, Shalini Chuhan, Gopa Patnaik, Vasanthi Shenoy, Shyam Sunder, Padmaja Menon, Sujata Garud, Ramesh Chandra Jena, Anu Nadim Palli and Jaya Gyanendra. 


Unity in Diversity 2007 was held at the Poway Center for Performing Arts with 16 programs of music and dance drawn from all the regions of India in fourteen languages. It was directed by Hamid Daudani with the participation of Ramesh Venkatraman (assistant director), Dr. Sohini Ray, Padmaja Pottathil, Sharavathi Sathe, Alka Shah, Dr. Anu Rajasekharan, Neha Patel, Dr. Vasanthi Shenoy, Gopa Patnaik, Shalini Chauhan, Suman Nayak, Aashmita Gupta, Divya Devguptapu, Bipin Junnarkar, Neelu Bharadwaj, Shefali Shah, Manjula Jain, Uma Venkatraman, Rohini Rao and others. 

Dr. V.S. Ramchandran a distinguished neuroscience professor at University of California, San Diego and 2007 recipient of prestigious Padma Bhusan award from the Government of India was the guest of honor. Mayor Jerry Sanders honored Dr. Ramachandran on behalf of the City with San Diego Citation. 


It was another banner year. Nearly 750 people attended the program of classical dance, folk music and dance and drama in 12 languages involving 94 artists ranging in age from 7 to 82. The program was directed by Hamid Daudani with the support of Suman Nayak, Alka Shah, Saravathi Sathe, Ramesh Venkatraman, Neelu Bharadwaj, Amy Kumar, Vasnthi Shenoy, Neha Patel, Anu Rajasekharan, Swarnalatha Moorthy and Nayana Trivedi. It was held in Poway Center for Performing Arts, Poway. 

Dr. Sanjay Jha, President, CDMA Technology, Qualcomm and Mrs. Fiona Jha were honored guests. 


An excellent program of Indian music and dance enthralled a packed audience for almost three hours in Poway center for Performing Arts. This was supported by Arlen capital and Washington Mutual Bank. Over 40 artists performed folk music and dance and classical dance in 15 languages directed by Hamid Daudani and supported by Suman Nayak, Kamala Singh, Gopa Patnaik, Alka Shah, Saravathi Sathe, Ramesh Venkatraman, Neelu Bharadwaj, Shalini, Amy Kumar, Vasnthi Shenoy, Neha Patel, Anu Rajasekharan, Swarnalatha Moorthy and others. 

Ambassador B.S. Prakash and Congressman Bob Filner were chief guests. 


Unity in Diversity: Indian Languages and Cultures program held in Joan Kroc Performing Arts Center (Co-sponsor: San Diego Office of Education). 

It was inaugurated by Ambassador Lalit Mansingh, followed by a unique program of Indian music, dances and drama in 15 Indian languages (Community members performed, organized by Hamid Daudani, Gopa Patnaik, Vasanthi Shenoy, Sujata Garud, Padmaja Potthil, Anupam Talapatra and others). 

Mrs. Mansingh and Ambassador Viswanathan, Consul General of India, San Francisco, were honored guests. 

A 40 page booklet (prepared by Amy Kumar) was distributed to the attendees. Over 650 people attended the event and many could not gain admission due to fire code. 

Neelu Bhardwaj and friends organized the India Expo.