The Chakra Award

It is an award given to an individual or a group by the Society for channeling one's energy to achieve distinction in the chosen field of endeavor and to contribute to the betterment of humankind in general, India and United States in particular. 

The first Chakra Award saluted the pioneers of India Origin posthumously, honoring Paramahansa Yogananda, Congressman Dalip Singh Saund and Harry Singh of San Diego. Ambassador Prabhakar Menon was the Chief guest. 

The second Chakra Award was a salute to Indian Entrepreneurs. Dr. Amar Bose, Chairman, Bose Corporation and Professor at M.I.T, Arjun Waney, Chairman, Beeba's Creations, Dr. John Kapoor, Chairman, E.J. Financial Enterprises were the recipients of the awards. Lalit Thapar, Chairman, Thapar Group was the chief guest, and Ambassador Sati Lambah was the guest of honor. 

The Third Chakra Award saluted Maestros Pandit Ravi Shankar and Zubin Mehta. Dr. Jonas Salk was the chief guest and Francoise Gilot-Salk was the guest of honor. 

On October 5, 2006, Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen was honored with the Fourth Chakra Award in the Great Hall, University of California, San Diego. Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Chairman, Qualcomm presented the award. Congressman Bob Filner, San Diego City Council President Scott Peters and Dr. Sanjay Jha felicitated Dr. Sen. It was a very memorable occasion. The Chakra, 10 inches in diameter, is a replica of Konarak Wheel and was made of pure silver with gold overlay.

2006 - 4th Chakra Award

Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen

Chief Guest - Dr. Irwin Jacobs, Chairman, Qualcomm

Guest of Honor - Congressman Bob Filner

1992 - 3rd Chakra Award

Pandit Ravi Shankar, Sitar Maestro

Zubin Mehta, Conductor, New York Philharmonic

Chief Guest - Dr. Jonas Salk, Discoverer of Polio Vacine and Founder, Salk Institute

Guest of Honor - Francoise Gilot-Salk, Painter, Author, Poet

1991 - 2nd Chakra Award

Dr. Amar Bose, Professor, MIT and Chairman, Bose Corporation

Arjun Waney, Chairman, Beeba's Creations

Dr. John Kapoor, President, E.J. Financial Enterprises

Chief Guest - Lalit Thapar, Chairman, Thapar Group, India

Guest of Honor - Sati Lambah, Ambassador of India

1990 - 1st Chakra Award

Paramahansa Yogananda, Founder of Self Realization Fellowship

Congressman Dalip Singh Saund, 1st Congressman of Asian Decent

Harry Singh Sr., Tomato "King" of United States

Chief Guest - Prabhakar Menon, Ambassador and Representative of India at U.N.

Guest of Honor - Prabhakar Narwekar, Director, Deputy Managing Director, IMF